Much like the results found of the Speizer et al

Much like the results found of the Speizer et al

Current contraceptive use models controlling for socio-demographic characteristics show that the relationships are generally in the expected direction, such that men who are younger are more likely to use modern methods than be non-users or use traditional methods as compared to men who are older (data not shown). Less educated men are less likely to use modern methods and more likely to be a non-user than more educated men. Likewise, men with fewer children are less likely to use modern methods and more likely to be a non-user than men with six or more children. with female data , the poorest men are the least likely to use modern methods. The key city-specific difference was that men from Aligarh are more likely to use traditional methods than modern methods and more likely to be non-users than be traditional method users than men from Gorakhpur (the reference group). The differences are all significant at the p < 0.05 level and remain similar in models that include the gender measures (not shown). b The association between men's desire to have more children in future and modern method use is significant; the men with desire to have no more children or want to delay child bearing for two or more years are more likely be the current contraceptive users.

Current progressive method solutions

Contained in this area i expose new multivariate studies out of latest progressive contraceptive method options while the association for the three sex strategies along with towards the personal and you may group covariates.

Intercourse strategies and you may birth prevention means solutions

The fresh new unadjusted coefficients having sex painful and sensitive decision making show that having regard to men having faster GSDM rating, the latest men with high otherwise average GSDM score try alot more gonna use condoms than just sterilization (Table 6)paring others progressive method explore up against sterilization, the brand new guys that have average GSDM get is far more gonna explore almost every other progressive actions than just sterilization (get a hold of Model step 1). The newest condom fool around with facing most other progressive procedures suggests that in regards towards guys with reasonable GSDM, the latest men with a high GSDM is actually alot more probably explore condoms and you will guys that have moderate GSDM is decreased attending explore condoms than many other progressive measures. Whenever adjusted having social and you may group affairs (pick Design 2), the outcomes will always be generally similar to the unadjusted results.

The study off RWM rating and you can means alternatives also are showed inside the Dining table 6. The research shows a comparable, unanticipated development since the are discovered to own latest birth prevention fool around with. One another unadjusted and you can modified coefficients for limiting mobility suggest that with regard to extremely limiting males, this new men which have quicker and you will modest constraints try decreased probably to use condoms or other modern steps compared to sterilizationparison away from condom have fun with up against almost every other progressive steps didn’t show a beneficial significant organization that have restrictions with the wife’s mobility (Dining table six).

But not, when social and you may group control are included, zero tall connection is seen between your Gems rating and you can men’s room probability to use condoms or any other progressive methods over sterilization.

Finally, in the bottom away from Desk 6, the results plus all intercourse tips handling to your social and you may group details try displayed. The outcome of them analyses are like those more than demonstrating that GSDM was definitely and you will RWM is actually negatively associated with means choices, such as that have variety of condoms or other progressive measures over sterilization. The results of your almost every other market details are comparable into inclusion of intercourse procedures (not revealed).

Socio-demographic properties and you will current contraceptive method selection

The fresh multinomial results for contraceptive selection among latest progressive contraception profiles inform you the results sure enough; more youthful boys and guys with a lot fewer children are very likely to become condom profiles or any other modern approach users compared to the sterilization pages. Shorter knowledgeable the male is less likely to getting condom profiles otherwise almost every other progressive strategy profiles versus sterilization profiles. Poorer men and guys away from slums are more likely to have sterilized spouses than to become condom and other modern strategy users. The latest men who are in need of no longer children or individuals who need to delay that have several other kid for two many years or more is actually expected to explore other progressive birth prevention tips after that those need the next child inside couple of years several months (perhaps not found).

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